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Do you dream of launching your very own VA biz?

Are you wondering if there’s an alternative to your current job - one that gives you financial flexibility and the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want?


The Solopreneur LaunchPad was made for people like you.

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What is it?

Put simply, Solopreneur LaunchPad is an online VA academy that’s designed to help new and existing virtual assistants to get their business off the ground. Led by Holly Pattison, who has been in the industry for years, it’s your one-stop shop for creating a successful VA business.


In this self-paced course, Holly will share her industry knowledge and the exact blueprint that helped her to go from start-up with no clients to fully booked and with a team of 6 making over £5,000 per month in just 6 weeks. 


Whether you’re just starting out or are established and want to know how to elevate your business, we have the right course combination for you.

Who is it for?

Whether your VA business has gotten a little stagnant, you’ve not even managed to get it out of the starting blocks or you simply lack the confidence to realise your true potential, this online course is for you. 


Ideal for anyone who wants to invest in themselves and their future, Solopreneur LaunchPad is for the next generation of VAs. 

What do you get?

  • A supportive and collaborative community

  • Exclusive downloads and resources

  • 28 modules that focus on everything an online business owner needs to know

  • Expert advice on the legal aspects of running a business

  • Business mindset development from an established mindset coach

  • Branding and Marketing tips

  • Regular masterclasses*

  • Job opportunities and leads*

  • Monthly book club*


*These features are part of the Inner Circle, which is included in the premium package.


Split up into 28 easy to digest modules from Holly and GUEST EXPERTS, we’ll cover:


  • Your business strategy - including your vision, values and mission

  • The reason why you’re going into business and your overall goals

  • The importance of having a business mindset

  • The day to day running of your online business

  • Client management, onboarding and the ‘ideal client’

  • Which services to offer and for how much 

  • How to nail your pitch 

  • Financial planning and legal aspects 

  • How to market your business

  • Ways to grow your business and the use of associates 



Why should I sign up?


Setting up any new business can be challenging but with the right support and guidance in the early stages, you’re more likely to be on the path to success. 


Over the years, Holly has navigated being a VA and a business owner and survived a number of obstacles - including the recent Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, she didn’t just manage to stay in business but even expanded her team and client base!


Now, she wants to help other people in the VA industry to avoid common mistakes and to create and scale a VA business that suits both professional and personal needs. 

What are you waiting for?

Join the waiting list to be the first to know when we launch, for exclusive discounts AND to receive our free downloadable guides! 

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