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“Competition makes us faster. Collaboration makes us better.”

Introducing The Circle - a free online community for online business managers, virtual assistants, freelancers and any other online business professionals. Designed to bring people together to learn, engage and inspire, it’s a place for solopreneurs to collaborate, share ideas and network.

Image by Lauren Mancke
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Who is it for?

The Circle is for anyone who owns or manages a business in the online world, and wants to meet like-minded people. It’s a place to discuss work, bounce ideas off each other and foster positive relationships with people just like you.

Is it free?


General access to The Circle is completely free but there are locked channels as part of our membership package, which is due to be launched very soon. By signing up, you not only get access to our free community but will receive an exclusive discount to join The Inner Circle.

What are you waiting for?

Join the waiting list to be the first to know when we launch, for exclusive discounts AND to receive our free downloadable guides! 

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