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Terms & Conditions 

Confidentiality & Data Protection 
  • We only work with UK based clients, due to insurance reasons. 

  • All our virtual assistants are UK based and sign strict confidentiality contracts. 

  • Your information is held securely and backed up in accordance with UK Data Protection Laws, including GDPR. 

  • We are a registered Data Protection Controller (ICO Registration: ZA769879). Data controller is: Holly Pattison, Balance Business Solutions email: tel: 077864 99337 and all information requests should be made via email in the first instance.

  • We use secure email and ISO 27001 compliant cloud storage. 

  • All original work will be returned to clients as soon as work is completed, unless otherwise requested. 

  • On written termination of contract, we delete all client data held, excluding data held for our own tax records and contract documents. 

  • Our privacy policy has been provided under separate cover. 

  • Payments are due upon receipt of invoice. 

  • Balance Business Solutions reserves the right to halt services and not to return work if bills are not paid. 

  • Pre-paid hours are non-refundable and are valid for one calendar month unless agreed otherwise. 

  • Ad-hoc hours are billed in increments of 15 minutes. All pre-paid hours are billed in actual time. 

  • Depending on how you intend to pay, you will be submitted with a weekly timesheet detailing the work carried out and the total time payable. 

  • Postage/courier fees are not included in our hourly rates and will be billed separately. 

  • Any non-standard office supplies are not included in our hourly rates and will be billed separately. 

  • Bulk printing (over 25 pages) will be outsourced and charged at cost and will be billed separately. 

Submitting Virtual Assistant Work 
  • All work requests should be submitted to our central email This ensures we can schedule and track all work. 

  • We will acknowledge all work within an hour during business hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If you haven’t received an acknowledgement, please call 07786499337 and check we have received the file. 

  • All details (e.g. templates, passwords or processes etc.) should be submitted along with work at time of submission. We will not schedule work until all the materials are received. 

  • When submitting databases or marketing work, your virtual assistant will ask you how people requested this information and ask for proof of validation in order to comply with GDPR. 

Turnaround of work and rush jobs fees 
  • Our usual turnaround of work is next working day, for all work under one hour long received and acknowledged by us before 5pm. The reason behind this is that at 5pm each evening we schedule the following day’s work. E.g. Work sent during the day on Monday would be returned on Tuesday. Work sent after 5pm on Monday would be scheduled for Wednesday. This lets us schedule our day and complete work on deadline. 

  • If you have an urgent job we will try and accommodate it but it will be subject to a £15 rush job fee, regardless of the size. This compensates us for having to move other clients in our schedule to accommodate your work. We will always inform you of this before starting the work. 

  • Work which is over an hour long will be scheduled and you will be given an ETA when we acknowledge receipt of the job. 

  • For non-standard or one-off jobs turnaround times will be advised in the acknowledgement email. Please ensure you advise us of any deadlines for the job you are handing to us so that we can ensure this is taken into account.

  • It is up to you to check work which we return and raise any queries forthwith thereafter. 

  • Holidays: We take UK bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year off each year. If you have urgent work to complete during these times, we may be able to accommodate it as a rush job, but please check first. 

Digital Formats for virtual assistants 
  • We use the following programmes: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Google Docs, G-Suite, Zoom, Quickbooks, ClockifyMe, Later, Asana and Dropbox. We will always try to support other formats or programmes. However, we request that you discuss this with us prior to booking our services to ensure we can accommodate this request. 

  • We can accommodate file sizes up to 15MB. If you have a larger file than this, please call us and we can advise on the best way of transferring it to us. 

Data and Privacy 
  • Please note: We only work with UK based clients and virtual assistants due to insurance reasons. 

  • Our privacy policy has been provided under separate cover. 

Disclaimer and Applicable law 
  • We will not be liable for any losses you might sustain arising directly or indirectly from our completing work save in so far as the same arises directly from our negligence. 

  • This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Great Britain.

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