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How to ensure you are hiring the right VA for your business

You have found yourself at the brink of needing some help, your pile of to-dos is ever-growing and you know you need some help. But, how do you decide who is the best fit for your company? There certainly isn’t any definitive way to assess who is right for your business, but we are here to share our top tips on how to narrow it down.

Work out exactly what you want to outsource

By making a list of all the tasks you do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis you will then be in a position to assess which of those tasks can be easily handed over. Ideally, the tasks you hand over will be the ones you don’t enjoy doing, or that don’t directly bring your business money. Handing these tasks over to a virtual assistant will enable you to focus your time and energy on the more financially rewarding aspects of your business, like delivery and business development.


You now have a list of tasks you know you could use some assistance with, so now think about the type of VA you will require. Most virtual assistants have their own niche, whether it’s general admin support, PA services or social media management support you need, you now have a basis for what kind of virtual support you require.


Asking colleagues and people within your business circle to recommend someone to help your business is a great place to start. By asking a trusted colleague if they can recommend someone, you will already have a sense of reassurance as to their abilities which will provide you with great comfort when delegating tasks.

If recommendations from known peers are hard to come by, then ask a potential VA to provide you with references for previous or existing clients.

One size doesn’t fit all

When deciding who is the best fit for your company remember that one size doesn’t fit all. Some virtual assistants have a more specialised approach, some don’t and take on anything and everything, you need to work out what will work best for you, the tasks you need assistance with and your business.

Connect with a potential VA on social media, follow their business social accounts, check out their websites, and most importantly have a chat with them and see if you think you could see yourselves working well together.

If you think you could benefit from additional support, and you feel that a virtual assistant is the best way forward for your business then please do not hesitate to get in touch for an obligation-free consultation.

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