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Hiring a virtual assistant - the pros and cons

Your business is going from strength to strength, your hard work and dedication have paid off and your company is growing. Along with business growth comes an increase in workload.

How can you best utilise your skills and manage your time? Social media management, accounts admin and diary management are just a few pieces of work that can be delegated.

Able to perform a variety of tasks and roles, a virtual assistant is a great solution to enable you to level up your business. Hiring a virtual assistant is low risk and the pros greatly outweigh any feared cons.

Let’s take a look at some of them:


Time to do the things you love

Business owners have core projects they are implementing or advising on which is their passion and driver. The day to day admin and other routine tasks could easily be handed over, giving you the time and freedom to focus on what you love the most about your business and a better work life balance.

Productivity increases

When you know you have dependable support taking care of the day to day, this isn’t something you have to make as much brain space for anymore! With fewer day to day admin tasks bogging you down, you will have full focus on the most important tasks and more time to complete them.

Expand your business risk-free

If you are at the exciting stage of needing to scale up your business, you can do this by employing a contracted virtual assistant. You can increase or decrease the hours as required. If business is really booming you can work with a number of virtual assistants, there will always be a competent team in your corner to help you.

Save money

Virtual assistants are self employed and will work with you via contracted agreement. They take care of all their own expenses relating to equipment, training and working space. You are paying zero overheads at all, only for the work your assistant is completing at the agreed rate. This means the money that you may have needed to spend on recruitment, training etc for a new starter you can now put back into your business or pay yourself. Above all else, hiring a virtual assistant instantly provides a decrease in stress levels, which is priceless.

Fill in the skillset gaps

By sourcing a virtual assistant who is capable and knowledgeable in the areas that are not your strengths, you can easily fill the skillset gaps. Whether video and image editing or social media management there will be a virtual assistant available to complete your tasks.

Create a better work/life balance

We’ve spoken about the ways hiring a virtual assistant will help in taking time back for yourself and for focusing on your favourite parts of your business. There are other practical ways a virtual assistant can help with work/life balance too. There will always be someone you can contact if you want to take a holiday, spend some quality time with the family, or maybe you're juggling childcare struggles in this life everyone is calling the "new normal". The fact is that life gets in the way, and hiring a virtual assistant is the perfect way to ensure your business can keep working, even when you stop.


Not working in the same location and having face-to-face contact

It can be helpful to have colleagues around to discuss matters face to face but with a big focus on communication, this does not have to be a problem. Clear and prompt communication is key and there are a variety of ways this can be achieved whilst feeling like you are face to face with your virtual assistant. Video calls via zoom, instant chat on slack and of course traditional phone calls and messages all ensure effective and timely communication with your virtual assistant.

Building a rapport with your VA can be trickier because of the physical distance

It is true that you may not have the same relationship as you would with a colleague in a physical workplace. There isn’t the lunch break walk in the park or the 11 am coffee catch up. But here at Balance Business Solutions we are a friendly, sociable bunch that believe building rapport together and with our clients is as important as completing the tasks at hand.

You are not able to oversee the work directly being completed

It might be a concern that you may not be able to oversee the work directly being completed. However, whilst you may not be there in person but you will be able to directly communicate as you need to and will be kept regularly updated of the progress of the task at hand. Virtual assistants have many years of experience in their fields and will not accept tasks that they would not have the time or ability to complete. Your virtual assistant will be as dedicated to your business as you are.

As you can see from above, the pros dramatically outweigh the cons. If you want a risk free solution to expanding your business with experts in their field, partnering with a virtual assistant is an ideal solution.

If you are still on the fence, please do get in touch for an obligation-free consultation, to see how hiring a VA could be the answer to your prayers.

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